Way Back When
Growing up outside of Chico, California, Blaine Landberg was surrounded by craft brew enthusiasts. In his family, Christmas wasn’t about presents. It was about who brought the coolest beer. That was usually Uncle Gary. To an underage nine-year-old, these bottles were hilarious. Hence, Blaine’s surprising answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” 

First “Brewery”
Just when most college kids start drinking beer, Blaine started brewing it. His first brewery? A UC Berkeley dorm room. He called it Buzzerkeley Brewing Company, and he was not goofing around. Those first clandestine predecessors to what is now Buzzerkeley Sparkling Ale almost, just almost, got him kicked out. That didn’t stop him. 

Learning Curve
After graduating, Blaine got a real job with Honest Tea, where he learned the ins and outs of distribution and building a distinctive brand. Along the way, he never stopped brewing, thinking about brewing, experimenting with brewing, planning for brewing. With invaluable lessons, brilliant mentors, a business plan, he finally went all in with Calicraft in 2012. 

Hello, Calicraft
Calicraft brews beer with a sense of place. We take unexpected, California-grown ingredients, like starthistle honey, Cluster hops, and anise hyssop, and use them as our point of inspiration. We like to think of our beer as the best of California, in a bottle. And as true Californians, we push the boundaries of style, taste, and even the definition of beer. Can’t imagine doing anything but. Though Blaine does keeps pinching himself that it’s for real.