Draft, 6-packs, and 22oz

4.8% ABV, 15 IBUs

STYLE: Kolsch

YEAST: House Kolsch

Coast is the taste of California. It's a brew for the bracing waves of NorCal or the sunny summers of SoCal. Mt. Shasta-grown malt adds body, while Noble and Crystal hops give it a bright, crisp, refreshing finish. Like the Golden State, this sessionable Kolsch is laid-back but complex. It's going from slopes to shore in just a few hours. Drink what you love about Cali.

DRINK UP: on a hot day, in the sun or shade.

PAIR WITH: spicy Mexican food, a beach blanket

The City IPA

Draft, 6-packs, and 22oz

6.4% ABV, 60 IBUs


YEAST: House IPA #1

We love The City! From San Francisco to New York or from LA to Chicago, The City is where it's at. This beer is a tribute to our city, San Francisco, and to all the great IPAs that came before us. Brewed in classic NorCal style, balanced and dry, dank and citrusy, bitter and juicy, this IPA captures the best of this classic West Coast beer. It's The City IPA for The City by The Bay.

DRINK UP: out on the town, instead of a cocktail.

PAIR WITH: hors d'oeuvres or dive bar peanuts.



Draft, 6-packs, and 22oz

6.7% ABV, 70 IBUs

STYLE: American Brown Ale with Oak

YEAST: House Ale Yeast

Not your traditional brown ale. This is a big, bad, bold brown. It's the intersection of a cabernet and an IPA. Or, say, 15th and Broadway. A blend of three oaks added during fermentation creates a red wine-like structure. California Cascade hops bring the local flavor that goes from roasted and bitter on first swig to a soulful, chocolate finish. Generally speaking, not for wussies. But who are we to say?

DRINK UP: on a Saturday night or a cool day.

PAIR WITH: a slab of steak, strong cheese, BBQ.



Draft, 4-packs, and 750ml

7.7% ABV, 7 IBUs

STYLE: Sparkling Ale

YEAST: House Champagne Yeast

Buzzerkeley blurs the line between beer and wine. In the free spirit of Berkeley, it's a whole new category we call Sparkling Ale. Champagne yeast and California star thistle honey create an ale that's subtly tart and dry with hints of plum and spice. It's our limit-pushing tribute to the cover beer-crafting that began in Blaine's UC Berkeley dorm room and nearly got him kicked out.

DRINK UP: at celebrations or just for the heck of it.

PAIR WITH: tapas, dessert. intellectual conversation.

the Bay.jpg

The Bay

Draft and 22oz

8.25% ABV, 70 IBUs


YEAST: House Kolsch 

From the Bay: A new way to double IPA. Juicy tropical hops are amped up and balanced by our house Kolsch yeast, leaving the beer intense yet drinkable. Mango and bright mandarin are supported by floral melon and soft stone fruits. From the techies to the foodies, for the freaks and for the geeks - Here's to the Bay ...and double IPA.

DRINK UP: while developing the latest app, foraging for wild 'shrooms.

PAIR WITH: Thai coconut curry, chicken katsu