hopricot haze.jpg

Hopricot Haze

Hazy Fruit IPA - 7%

Available in Draft, Crowlers, and Growlers

Hops meet fruit in this hazy IPA!
We start with a malt bill filled with oats and wheat for a creamy texture. Fermentation is with our house IPA yeast, which produces notes of stone fruits. Finally we add a tropical hop blend and 450 lbs of apricot puree. 
Aromas of apricot nectar are accompanied by a juicy mouthfeel and tropical hop punch.

Seasonal, hoppy, and juicy!


guava trees.jpg

Guava Trees

Hazy Sparkling Wheat- 6.2%

Available in Draft, Crowlers, and Growlers

Part hazy beer - part sparkling ale - part wheat This beer is guava juice in a glass. 
We started with a malt bill full of wheat and oats for a juicy texture. Then we fermented the beer with a wine yeast for floral aromatics and a slight tart finish. Finally we add 450 lbs of guavas and 150 lbs of pinot gris juice. 
Guava Trees starts with ripe guavas and a juicy mouthfeel. However the beer finishes with a dry white wine acidity. 

Dry, fruity, and complex - we couldn't be more excited for Guava Trees!

mo haze.jpg

Mo' Haze, Mo' Problems

Hazy IPA - 6.8%

Available in Draft, Crowlers, and Growlers

Juicy galaxy and mosaic with a malt bill of oats. Mashed at a slightly higher temperature to leave a touch of residual sugar to emphasize the juiciness. 

Mo' Haze...Mo' Problems. Need we say more?

Cool Kidz 6.jpg

Cool Kidz #6

IPA - 7.2%

Available in Draft, Crowlers, and Growlers

This version is 100% Citra for orangey, grapefruity hoppiness.

Hazy Bay.jpg

Hazy Bay

Unfiltered DIPA - 8.3%

Available in Draft, Crowlers, and Growlers

Our staple double IPA, the Bay, but with a massive dose of Mosaic hops. Completely unfiltered, this beer is hoppy but surprisingly drinkable!

Chico Lagero.jpg

Chico Lagero - Cinco De Mayo Release

Draft Only

5.2% ABV, 20 IBUs

STYLE: Mexican Lager with Wild Rice

YEAST: House Lager 1

MALT: 2-Row, Wild Rice, Munich

From Blaine's homebrew days. Celebrating his hometown of Willows, CA and its rice growing traditions. Brewed in the style of a Mexican/Vienna lager: toasty malt with a balanced amount of noble hop spice and zest. Crushable.


Reserve: Sauvignon Blanc & Peach - April 21

Draft Only

11% ABV, 5 IBUs

STYLE: Sparkling Ale with wine grapes and fruit

YEAST: House Ale 2 & White Wine 1

FRUIT: sauvignon blanc grapes & white peaches

Part of our Reserve line: neither beer nor wine this Sparkling Ale pushes the boundaries. This version features California sauvignon blanc grapes added to the fermentor. White peaches emphasize the stone fruit notes in the varietal. Like walking between a vineyard and orchard, this Sparkling Ale explodes with fruit. 


Más Juice? - April 14th

Draft Only

7.5% ABV, 40 IBUs


YEAST: House IPA 3

MALT: 2-Row, Wheat, Oats

Juice, juice and more juice. Mostly American hops for a dank, citrus bomb. Wheat and oats add a pillowy body while our House IPA 3 yeast adds stone fruit nuances. 

dub c.jpeg

Dub-C - April 7th

Draft Only

5.2% ABV, 45 IBUs

STYLE: Dry-Hopped Pale

YEAST: House IPA 3

HOPS: Centennial, Chinook, Columbus

MALT: 2-Row, Oats

Originally brewed for the centennial anniversary of our home City. This is a classic dry pale ale with a touch of oats for body. Flavors of lemon, white grapefruit pith, and floral notes. We are debuting the 2017 version in April, this will be even hoppier than the last batch!

Chez Panisse.jpg

Chez Panisse Farmhouse - Spring 2017

Draft and 500ml

5.3% ABV, 15 IBUs

STYLE: Farmhouse Ale

YEAST: Farmhouse #1

ADJUNCTS: anise hyssop, meyer lemon leaf, lemon verbena blossom

A collaboration with Chez Panisse Cafe for its anniversary. Farmhouse Ale celebrates the sustainable farm. Infused with organic herbs from Cannard Farm, this delicate, saison ale explodes with spring flavors. A peppery, citrus finish lingers in invitation to slow down. Supports sustainable farming education. 

DRINK UP: to start a meal, after working in the yard.

PAIR WITH: field greens, goat cheese, a porch swing.


Karl Tropical-2.jpg

Tropical Karl

Draft Only

7.2% ABV, 20 IBUs


YEAST: House IPA #3

HOPS: Galaxy & Mosaic

Karl the Fog... took a vacation. All the haziness of the original but now with 50% more hops. Galaxy and Mosaic give this hazy IPA tons of passionfruit, mango, and stone fruits. At 20 IBUs and with a malt bill comprised of oats and wheat, Tropical Karl drinks smooth and fruity.

deep east_.jpg

The Deep East

Draft Only

5.4%, 40 IBUs

STYLE: Irish-American Dry Stout

YEAST: House Ale

MALT: 2-Row, Roasted Barley, Oats

The Deep East is our name for the cities east of the tunnel. This beer is complex, yet approachable. Roasted barley brings dark, chocolate notes while oats add a creamy mouthfeel. A snappy hop bitterness drys out the finish. Our base stout, look out for special blends in the coming weeks!

Reserve Chenin Blanc & Viognier

Draft and 750ml

11% ABV, 5 IBUs

STYLE: Sparkling Ale

YEAST: House Ale 2 & wild wine yeast

GRAPES: Chenin Blanc and Viognier Pomace

Calicraft Reserve is a new type of beverage. Neither beer nor wine, this Sparkling Ale pushes the boundaries. California Chenin Blanc and Viognier white wine grapes bring wine-like flavors and acidity while California grown malt adds a subtle nuttiness similar to champagne.  Aromas of nectarine, pear, and quince are backed by bright lemon. Break the rules. Calicraft Reserve is beer meets wine.

Drink up: on New Year’s Eve, to surprise your friends

Pair with: funky cheese, sustainable sushi


Reserve Rosé

Draft and 750ml

10.5% ABV, 5 IBUs

STYLE: Sparkling Ale

YEAST: House Ale 2 & Red Wine #1

FRUIT: Zinfandel Must, Raspberry, Sweet and Tart Cherries

Calicraft Reserve Rose is a new type of beverage. Neither beer nor wine, this Sparkling Ale pushes the boundaries. California Zinfandel must, cherries, and raspberries bring wine-like flavors and a complex fruit profile. Aromas of red berries are backed by a grape and oak tannins. Break the rules. Calicraft Reserve is beer meets wine.

Drink up: on a sunny day at the park, at a clam bake

Pair with: tapas, crab louie

Karl the Fog

Draft Only

7.2% ABV, 5- IBUs

STYLE: West Coast Hazy IPA

YEAST: House IPA #2

HOPS: Citra & Mosaic

Karl the Fog - now 100% more hoppy. Named after the fog that calls San Francisco his home. Brewed to celebrate SF Beer Week. Tropical, Juicy, and definitiely foggy - drink to celebrate our neighborhood friendly fog!

ipa cool kidz.jpg

Cool Kidz

Draft Only

7.2% ABV, 40 IBUs

STYLE: Unfiltered IPA

YEAST: House IPA #1

HOPS: Various

Cool Kidz is the first in our line of experimental IPAs. This beer focuses on using the coolest, most sought after hops. Every batch is different - and no recipe is brewed twice. Bittered like a pale, this beer is brewed to be juicy but dry. 

OJ IPA 2.jpg


Draft Only

7.2% ABV, 20 IBUs

STYLE: Northeast IPA

YEAST: House IPA #2

HOPS: Galaxy, Citra, Mosaic

THE JUICE IS LOOSE! Fermented with our House IPA #2 yeast and generously dry hopped this IPA is tropical, juicy, and full of fresh squeezed deliciousness. Soft, pillowy mouthfeel, but balanced by a hint of bitterness similar to grapefruit juice. 

Buzz Red.jpg

Buzzerkeley Red Label

Draft and 750ml

7.7% ABV, 7 IBUs

STYLE: Sparkling Ale 

YEAST: Red Wine Yeast #1

ADJUNCTS: Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, and Zinfandel Pomace

Buzzerkeley Red Label is the sociability of beer and the sophistication of wine. Fresh-pressed Napa and Sonoma red wine pomace give depth to the effervescence of Sparkling Ale (a.k.a. beer fermented with wine yeast). Boysenberry, dark cocoa, and rye spice shine through layered tannin structure. Fruit-forward and dry, this ale blurs the line between beer and wine. 

DRINK UP: at dinner parties, with "wine" friends

PAIR WITH: prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes


The Wobblies

Draft and 22oz

7% ABV, 40 IBUs


YEAST: House Ale Yeast 

HOPS: California grown cluster and cascade

Dedicated to the hop-picking hell-raisers of California history. This is a revolutionary wet hop IPA. We're getting back to our roots with the original California Cluster hops that ruled 19th century beer. Sun-drenched, just-picked hops go straight from field to kettle, for an ale that drips with flavors of pine, citrus, rose, and plum. Light your torch, grab your pitchforks. The Wobblies are coming.

DRINK UP: after a long day's work

PAIR WITH: fresh-picked sweetcorn and wild game