Trees Line

What if beer was created in California?

Sparkling Ales are beers fermented with wine yeast with the intention of creating wine like flavors, aromas and textures. We pioneered the style since the beginning, and have constantly pushed the boundaries of style and taste.

The Trees line is our latest evolution of Sparkling Ales! - blending the freshness of cocktails,  the aromas and flavors of wine, and the approachability and drinkability of beer.

In other words: What if a wine cooler didn't suck?  What if it was fruity but dry, complex yet drinkable?


Rosé Ale

6.5% - Dry - Fruity

Raspberries - Cherries - Rosé Wine Grapes - Rosé Wine Yeast

Like, a dry but fruity rosé sparkling wine. Just like rosé wine, this sparkling ale is equally at home at a fancy dinner party or an impromptu Dolores Park picnic. Flavors of bright red fruits are balanced with a touch of tannins and a light acidity. 

Pair with backyard barbecues, seafood, aperol aperitif


Guava Trees

6.5% - Juicy - Tropical

Guava - Pinot Grigio - Rosé Wine Yeast

Our first trees beer! Like drinking a dry, sparkling guava mimosa! Starts off with heady tropical aromas and finishes crisp with a touch of acidity.

Pair with Mexican food, rich cheeses, tequila


Passionfruit Trees

6.5% - Tropical - Aromatic

Passionfruit - Sauvignon Blanc - White Wine Yeast

Passionfruit aroma explodes out of the glass. Finishes dry with a fresh fruit tartness. This beer is Passionfruit in a glass!

Pair with Vietnamese food, shellfish, gin


Raspberry Trees

6.5% - Complex - Fruity

Raspberry - Zinfandel - Red Wine Yeast

Liking drinking a sparkling dry sangria! Aromas of fresh raspberries finishes with a tart berries and light red wine tannins.

Pair with Italian food, creamy pasta, amaro liqueur


Strawberry Trees

6.5% - Refreshing - Light

Strawberry - Pinot Grigio - Rosé Wine Yeast

Like biting into a just-picked strawberry! Complex strawberry flavor - not fake strawberry flavoring. Smooth mouthfeel with a gentle wine-like finish.

Pair with picnics, chocolate, limoncello